Two ounces of carfefully washed locks, packaged in a resealable bag made of compostable cellulose.


This is one of the incredibly rare landraces of Swedish Forest Sheep. Like all landraces, there is a great deal of variability in the wool from animal to animal. Generally, I have found it to be lightly double coated, reasonably soft, and highly lustrous. It would make excellent sweaters or other textiles requiring good stitch definition. It would also be suitable for weaving many household items. Suitability for next-to-skin textiles would depend entirely on the fleece. Very little is known of the history of this landrace, most simply because it pre-dates the written word in Sweden. But we do know that these were multi-purpose flocks, and were mostly tended by the women and children in the community.

Värmlandsfår - Swedish Forest Sheep Locks