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50 grams (1.75 oz.) of undyed commercial top, ready to spin. It comes in eleven beautifully dyed colors. These colors have been packaged in smaller braids to facilitate colorwork and custom blending. Enjoy!


A breed for all seasons, and a wool for all textiles. The wool of a flock of Shetland sheep can produce any and all textiles a village could need, from underwear to ropes and sails. With this breed, only the wool in your hands can determine the best use for the yarn. No one really knows for sure what are the origins of the breed, but sheep have lived on the tiny archipelago on the border between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean for millennia. There have been infusions of many Northern European breeds over the centuries, and the focus of breeding has shifted back and forth between meat and wool. But this breed remains one of the most beloved by both shepherds and handspinners alike.

UK Shetland Top, Dyed

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