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100 grams (3.4 oz.) of undyed commercial top, ready to spin.


The search for the perfect sock yarn is a personal one, isn’t it? Much like the finished garments themselves, one size simply doesn’t fit all. Different projects require different balances of softness, wear resistance, and suitable elasticity. Our goal is a multitude of happy feet. So, we invite you to come on an adventure and find your perfect sock yarn.

This blend of springy, smooth BFL and silky, strong kid mohair is perfect for the toughest of sock wearers. These socks are cast iron in a fuzzy halo. However, it finds itself more on the drape end of the spectrum than the elastic end. So, make sure you don’t skimp on the ribbing.

The Game is Afoot - BFL/Kid Mohair 70/30 Top

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