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100 grams (3.4 oz.) of undyed commercial top, ready to spin.


This breed is the Queen of shine. If you want to spin your own wool embroidery thread or knit a lace shawl that will make bystanders gasp, this is the breed for you. It takes dye like it was born to do it, and also makes a nice reinforcing fiber for socks. With all of that said, the dense nature of the resulting yarn means it might not be a good choice for hats or sweaters. This is one of the English Longwools, and one of the longest-wooled of them. Teeswaters are considered a native breed of Teesdale and Durham, but likely have their roots in the long-wooled sheep brought to England by the Romans. Today this breed is still used for meat, but its wool is prized by handspinners around the world.

Teeswater Top

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