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100 grams (3.4 oz.) of undyed commercial top, ready to spin.


With their distinctive eye spots and spiraling horns, the face of the Swaledale ram is the logo of The Yorkshire Dales National Park. Their wool is technically primitive, but leans to the softer side. The outer coat seems to lend yarns a drapey quality rather than a crisp one. Hats, hardwearing sweaters, or even a lined tweedy jacket are all great uses for this breed. One of the oldest of the Blackfaced Mountain breeds, Swaledale is native to the Pennines. No one really knows how long this breed has graced the hills, but descriptions of sheep and extant textiles show that similar animals were kept by local monks dating back to at least 1200 CE. Today they are still kept for their wool, and are used in crossbreeding for meat.


Please note: This particular batch of Swaledale has quite a bit of kemp in it. While it will still make a lovely drapey yarn, we would not recommend it for garments intended to be worn next to the skin.

Swaledale Top

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