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100 grams (3.4 oz.) of undyed commercial top, ready to spin.


These are probably the largest sheep in the world, with rams weighing in at up to 350 lbs. They also grow what is probably that largest and densest fleece in the world, weighing up to a record 46 lbs. The wool is long, strong, lustrous, and dense, making for yarns with drape for days and no elasticity to speak of. Spun finely and knit tightly, it will make perfect outer mittens. It also makes great embroidery thread. This is one of the older breeds of the British Isles, having been a fixture of Lincolnshire since Roman times. It was used in the creation of the Dishley Leiceters, and they were bred back into the Lincolns to improve their size. The result is a large dual-purpose sheep which grows some of the most durable wool in the world.

Lincoln Top

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