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100 grams (3.4 oz.) of undyed commercial top, ready to spin. It comes in four natural colors.


Icelandic sheep are one of the purest breeds on Earth. Spelsau sheep were brought to the island in the 9th century by Viking settlers, and they were shaped into the modern Icelandic breed largely by environmental pressures. No major importation of new blood has been successful to date. The animals are hardy, relatively prolific, and grow both meat and wool with unique characteristics. They are classified as a Northern European Short Tailed breed, and grow primitive, universally double-coated fleeces in a rainbow of natural colors. The outer coat, called the Tog, is used to create strong yarns and water-resistant textiles. The undercoat, called the Thel, is fine, elastic, and soft. It is largely used for fine, next-to-skin yarns, and even baby garments. When the two coats are softly spun together they make a lofty yarn called Lopi, which is used world-wide as a favorite for color-work knitted sweaters and accessories.

Icelandic Top

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