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50 grams (1.75 oz.) of undyed commercial top, ready to spin. It comes in six brightly dyed colors. These colors have been packaged in smaller braids to facilitate colorwork and custom blending. Enjoy!


This is the ultimate medium wool. Plenty of bounce and loft, sturdy enough to take everyday wear, soft enough to be worn next to the skin for most people. This is your favorite sweater, a beautiful throw on the back of the couch, and the hat you wear to shovel the walkway. Maybe unsurprisingly, this perfect medium was developed out of breeds nearer the edge of the spectrum. In the 1880’s James Little was the manager of a farm named Corriedale in New Zealand and wanted to improve the hardiness of his Saxony Merinos. He crossed them with Lincolns and maybe Leicesters, and then worked until he achieved a stable breed. Today the resulting sheep form the backbone of many medium grade wool pools.


This fiber has been put up in 50 gram braids for covienient color work and blending.

Corriedale Top, Dyed

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