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Two ounces of carfefully washed locks, packaged in a resealable bag made of compostable cellulose.


Not a lot of breeds are hotter in the handspinning world than Gotland right now, and for good reason. This wool is long, most often soft, incredibly lustrous, and comes in a dazzling variety of cool whites, greys, and blacks. It spins and dyes more like mohair than wool in many respects. The breed itself is a relatively recent development, being the product of crossbreeding the native sheep of the Island of Gotland with Romanovs and Karakuls in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Today efforts are being made to bring Gotlands to many other countries, often by a program of up-breeding like in America. Ewes with similar wool characteristics are inseminated with pure Gotlands, and the process is repeated with each generation, bringing them closer to the original.

American Gotland Lamb Locks

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